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JINJU, the Korean word for pearl, is symbolic of prosperity, good health and wisdom gained through experience. The gems are believed to offer protection and are well-known for their calming effects. Pearls bring balance to your karma. JINJU is wellness by design.

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Diversity is at the heart of life in West Coquitlam. Urban vibrancy edges serene residential streets, and natural environments are found throughout. A variety of new shops and services, along with restaurants, breweries and cafés, offer limitless convenience. And connectivity expands possibility, with Burquitlam SkyTrain station only steps away and major highway access close to home. JINJU is centred in a neighbourhood that cultivates an urban lifestyle and walkability

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An enriching community

Morning light on a world-class golf course. Mid-day peace through the parks and looping the lakes. Afternoon cravings satisfied at your favourite café. Evening memories paired with well-crafted food and drink. Open your life to endless possibilities at JINJU.


Striking symmetry

A bold, linear form rises 42 storeys, standing apart with architectural confidence. Verdant landscaping shapes the community and defines outdoor spaces, including a pedestrian walkway that leads to Burquitlam SkyTrain station, just steps away, plus Cottonwood Park and a future YMCA.

A fulfilling life at your door

Tranquility lays the foundation for JINJU’s curated amenity collection. Designed by Ste. Marie Design Studio, hotel sensibilities merge with residential living in over 25,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Wellness by design

JINJU began with an idea to merge the sacred with the everyday. To reconnect with the self and each other. And to translate the beauty and purity of a traditional Korean wellness therapy from the 15th century, the jjimjilbang bathhouse, into a residential concept. Driven by this vision, JINJU integrates wellness practices from around the world, providing immersive experiences to promote wellbeing. From the interior space of each home to the lifestyle amenity program, your senses are aroused by virtue of design. Life at JINJU harmonizes the need for connectivity, health and culture

Framed by breathtaking views and strategically positioned on level 28, the JINJU spa drenches the mind and body with an experience seldom seen in residential communities. Soak in a steaming hot tub while gazing out at the mountains through double-height windows. Shift your body temperature in a charcoal cool room and rejuvenate in an infrared sauna. Following your treatment, find balance in the warm salt meditation room or take in the fresh air on the outdoor patio attached to the relaxation lounge.

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Natural, organic & warm interiors

The interior design throughout feels genuine on a deeply human level, with nuanced transitions between textures and tonalities. Light bathes the homes through large windows, expanding the open space. Luxurious ensuites feature a tranquil composite of hues and materials to help you wind down, and include a generous vanity with ample storage and custom design details

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